A Footballing Legend, Steps up with FIFPRO to Tackle The ‘Scourge’ of ‘Fake Agents’ and the Effect on Players and the Football World

This episode, of “The Agent’s Angle” looks at the topic of ‘fake agents’ and the news that former Chelsea, Galatasaray and Marseille superstar Didier Drogba in his role as Honorary President of ‘FIFPRO Africa’, is leading the campaign to address the issue.

We have an interview with esteemed African football agent Eddie Iseri Ogbemudia to get his view on the subject of ‘Fake Agents’ and the impact they and other matters have on African football.

Also, we touch upon the trend of acquisitions and mergers in the football agency world, and the recent news that Jaz-Z’s ‘Roc Nation Sports International’ (RNSI) has brought Brazilian football agency TFM into it’s agency family.

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Show Running Order :

02:38 – News & Trends
02:57 – Agent Licensing & Exams : Italy, France and FFAR
04:43 – Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Moves into South America
08:49 – Didier Drogba Takes on ‘Fake Agents’
15:34 – Guest Interview on ‘Fake Agents’ and African Football
37:31 – Post-Interview Discussion on the topic of ‘Fake Agents’


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