CAS Delivers a Major Blow to Football Agents, Release Clauses and a Stalwart of the Industry

This episode, of “The Agent’s Angle” features an interview with a stalwart of the agent industry and co-founder of Key Sports Management, Colin Gordon. Colin shares with us insights into how he got involved in the football agent industry, where things have gone wrong, the path ahead, and his opinions on a variety of football and agent-related topics …….. as well as fleeting mentions of the Spice Girls, rugby ball contracts, 7ft-2 centre-halves and crossing over to the ‘dark side’.

In addition to this, we look at the response to, and outcome of, the recent CAS decision to rule in favour of FIFA over PROFAA in the dispute over the new FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations).

Also, we touch upon the topic of ‘release clauses’ and a couple of related reports in the media on that same topic.

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Show Running Order :

01:57 – CAS Ruling on PROFAA vs FIFA (FFAR)

12:17 – Release Clauses in Player Contracts

23:41 – Guest Interview : Colin Gordon

26:00 – Starting Out in the Agent Industry

27:55 – Establishing Key Sports & the Ethos

29:40 – Evolution of the Football Agents Industry

32:23 – Negotiating Styles and Dealing with Clubs

34:54 – Dealing with International Mindsets, Characters & Expectations

39:45 – Summing up the Football Agent Industry

43.42 – The Future of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Agent Industry


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