Will Footballers Put ‘Agents on Trial’? – Where the World of Scouts and Agents Overlap, Do Statistics Threaten the Value and Existence of Football Agents?

Season 1 : Episode 6

Whilst many believe football agents should be ‘put on trial’ for some of the reported and alleged misdemeanors committed by some agents, ‘The Agent’s Angle’ looks at an increasing trend whereby players are signing short-term (trial) representation agreements (contracts) with their agency representatives. Is it a positive step, a sign of mistrust, or a ‘weakening of the grip‘ of some agents who may use longer-term representation agreements to solely benefit themselves and ‘fall short’ in the service level they provide?

Our guest on ‘The Agent’s Angle’ this week is Ged Searson, who as well as having experience as a Premier League scout and working across the breadth of the English football spectrum, has also worked as an international scout and advisor to National Teams and Football Associations around the world.

With Ged’s experience, knowledge, and expert opinion, ‘The Agent’s Angle’ explores the close association and relationship between football scouts and football agents. Looking at not only how these relationships can be productive, but also where and why they may fail due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities performed by one another.

In addition, discussing where the two industries overlap and ‘the lines become blurred’ in terms of the regulations, leaving people at risk of not just agents and scouts breaching football regulations, but also clubs and players (as clients and employers).

‘The Agent’s Angle’ also takes a look at how one Premier League football star ‘reportedly’ used statistical data in a contract renegotiation with his club in the absence of an agent, and whether all is as has been reported. Are statistics and data a threat to the football agent profession, or are such resources along with scouting reports, a tool to be utilised by professional agents in ensuring they optimise the representation services they give to clients, whether they be players, clubs, or coaches/managers?



Show Running Order :

(01:24) – Agents on Trial and The Transfer of Rasmus Højlund to Manchester United
(04:30) – Football Agent and Player Disputes – When Things Go Wrong With Representation
(06:07) – Agent and Player Representation is Often More Complicated Than it Seems
(07:24) – A Shrewd Move by a Footballer & Clarity for All Involved
(09:55) – Guest Interview: Ged Searson – Former Premier League Scout, International Scout & Scout Educator
(11:32) – Starting Out as a Football Scout
(13:52) – The Relationship Between Scouts and Football Agents
(17:45) – Are The Lines Too ‘Blurred’ Between Agents & Scouts in Terms of Knowledge & Regulation?
(21:42) – International Scouting and Working With National Teams & Football Associations
(25:41) – The Evolution of Scouting and The Relationship with Data and Statistics etc
(31:20) – Missed Opportunities and the Star Player That Got Away
(36:48) – What Can Agents Learn from Scouts (and vice-versa)
(38:47) – Introducing AFCAS (The Association of Football Coaches and Scouts)
(44:22) – Are Stats a Replacement for Agents as ‘Reported’? and Kevin De Bruyne’s Negotiations with Manchester City
(47:05) – Scouting Reports and Statistics as Part of an Agent and Players Toolkit
(48:05) – What Reports Fail to Say Is : Its More than Just Stats and Agents
(50:50) – The Value of a ‘Holistic’ Football Agent/Agency Approach


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