Players, Coaches & Others Working Abroad – What Agents Should Know About GBEs in the UK? – Is Scotland the ‘Springboard’ for Players to Obtain a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) for England?

Season 1 : Episode 8

This week ‘The Agent’s Angle’ looks at the topic of players, coaches/managers, sporting directors, and other football professionals looking to work for clubs abroad; and what agents should know in trying to help them and their clubs (employers) in ensuring they meet the necessary work permit and visa requirements to work legitimately and legally.

A key focus is on the latest iteration of United Kingdom’s ‘Governing Body Endorsements’ (GBEs) and how these affect the role of agents in bringing footballing clients to the likes of England and Scotland. As a guest on ‘The Agent’s Angle,’ we are joined by eminent international sports lawyer ⁠Dev Kumar Parmar ⁠to guide us through the maze that now presents itself to football agents with GBEs, and how these regulations have changed and developed from pre-Brexit times to the present day, thus affecting both players from within Europe, as well as outside of the EU.

‘The Agent’s Angle’ also takes a look at visa and work permit requirements in other territories, and how they compare with the UK’s GBEs …. as well as the possible ‘crossroads’ Australian football (soccer) finds itself with regards to game, league, pathways and player development.


Show Running Order :
(03:38) – Overlapping Transfer Window & Saudi Pro League Impact

(08:32) – Work Permits for Players, Coaches/Managers, Executives & Football Specialists

(09:03) – Brief Synopsis of GBE’s (Governing Body Endorsements) for UK Football

(10:16) – Guest Interview: International Sports Lawyer on Work Permits (and GBEs in the UK) – ⁠Dev Kumar Parmar⁠

(11:59) – Overview & Explanation of the UKs Governing Body Endorsements (GBEs) for Football.
(14:27) – Agents Assisting Players and Clubs in the GBE Process.
(17:17) – How Agents Keep Informed About GBE Regulations.
(18:59) – One Word to Describe the Football Agent World/Industry as a Whole.
(21:03) – Comparisons With Work Permit & Visa Requirements Elsewhere.
(22:59) – “Subject to Gaining a Work Permit“: Sloppy Terminology.
(25:03) – Balancing the Expectations & Ambitions of Clients With GBEs & Work Permits.
(27:52) – Successfully Appealing GBE & Work Permit Decisions.
(32:03) – Is Scotland the ‘Springboard’ for Overseas Players Regarding GBEs?
(35:02) – The Future & Agents Preparing for Future Changes in GBE Regulations.
(38:25) – One Wish for the Football Agent World/Industry.

(41:52) – Differing Opinions on GBEs in UK Football.

(42:56) – Australian Football Crossroads of Attractiveness & Player Development?

(45:07) – After GBEs, The Second Hurdle of ‘Home Grown‘ Rules.

(46:27) – Japan (J-League) and Allowances for Overseas Players Across Asia.


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