2nd FIFA Agents Exam : Fair, Fantastic or a Farce? – Interviews with Agent Candidates from Africa, Asia & Europe – How can the Problems be Rectified for Candidates, Agents & Football in Time?

Season 1 : Episode 11

In a week when the final FIFA Football Agent’s Exam has taken place all around the world, before the scheduled implementation of the new FFAR (FIFA Football Agents Regulations) due to take place in full on the 1st October 2023, “The Agent’s Angle” takes a look at how the exam went for candidates and Football Associations around the globe.

Interviews with candidates from Africa, Asia and Europe (Nigeria, Indonesia and England respectively); along with snapshots and anecdotes from numerous other locations around the world where candidates sat the exam from India to the USA, the Czech Republic to Qatar, we look at where the exam was adjudged to be ‘fantastic’, ‘strict’ yet ‘fair’ …… but also where it seems that the exam descended into ‘farce’ and reported ‘chaos’.

“The Agent’s Angle” looks at various problems and complacency that arguably led to the failure of some exams and how the ‘knock-on’ effects won’t just affect candidate agents, and FAs, but football as a whole – and what can be done to rectify the situation in the short window of time that remains before the scheduled full implementation of the new agent regulations (FFAR) by FIFA in just a weeks time.

We also bring some breaking news from a national football association in Asia who are amongst the first to announce their new NFAR (National Football Agents Regulations) with just a week remaining, whilst many fellow national FAs (FIFA member associations) are in ‘limbo’ and uncertainty with their NFAR. Many are still hampered by legal challenges and national laws/legislation with the implementation of the international FFAR (from FIFA), any new national (domestic) football agent regulations (NFAR) they may be seeming to introduce before their deadline in 7 days time (30th September 2023) ……………. or even both FFAR and NFAR.


Show Running Order :

(01:30) – Overview and Observations from the 2nd New (FFAR) FIFA Football Agents Exam from Around the World.

(06:21) – Agent Exam Candidate Interviews for the Exam⁠,
(06:21) – Asian Agent Exam Candidate (Indonesia),
(15:19) – African Agent Exam Candidate (Nigeria),
(21:06) – European Agent Exam Candidate (England).

(36:09) – Agent Exam Observations from Elsewhere.

(37:02) – FIFA Agent Exam Rules (‘Hotspots’ & Prohibited Items).

(38:35) – Are the Football Agent Exams Consistent with FIFA Agent Exam Rules?

(40:33) – How Are Problems and Damaging Situation Created by The Agent’s Exam & FFAR Rectified? …….. QUICKLY!

(48:21) – Fairness & Rumours of an Agent Passing the Agents Exam the Very Same Day?

(51:23) – BREAKING NEWS: Japan’s FA (JFA) Release Their National Football Agent Regulations (‘NFAR’)


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