Agent Threatens Premier League Club with Legal Action – The Impact of ECJ European Super League Ruling on the Agents Industry – Who is Responsible for a New Signing Being Banned for Betting Offences?

Season 1 : Episode 16

Episode 16 of ‘The Agents Angle’ takes a look at threats of legal action by an agent/agency to an English Premier League club (Everton) in a dispute over unpaid agent commissions on an international transfer. Is it a valid claim, or another case of miscommunication and misunderstanding? The causes, implications and outcomes are worth considering, as the agents world faces a future where agents may well look to represent clubs in preference to representing players in light of the new agent regulations (FFAR).

‘The Agents Angle’ looks at the unfortunate case of an International footballer suspended from football at his new Premier League club (Newcastle United) over betting offences; what are the wider effects of the suspension and who (if anyone) should take responsibility? Whilst an agent can ‘get ahead’ of the problem with ‘crisis management’ and help the player client overcome if not avoid the penalties, who is responsible in a situation that then deems a player ineligible after a recent transfer; whether player, club, or agent, particularly when it comes down to such aspects of due diligence, warranties and disclosure?

There is the regular ‘Agents Angle’ update on the new National Football Agent Regulations (NFAR), with the spotlight this week focussing on Belgium and Iceland. Along with a look at the forthcoming final court verdict from the ECJ in December on the topic of the European Superleague (ESL) and what the direct and indirect repercussions of the ruling could mean for agents, agent regulations and FIFA; especially when it comes to the FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations). Therefore this may be one of the reasons why the FIFA Law Football Annual Review 2024 in Tokyo has what ‘The Agents Angle’ considers to be quite a heavily weighted event programme towards agent related matters.

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