The ‘Biggest’ Agents in the UEFA Champions League & English Premier League – Football Agents in Japan – Gamers to Tussle with Football Intermediaries – A FIFA Admission Rather Than an Omission?

Season 1 : Episode 17

In this episode of ‘The Agents Angle’ we examine the influence that agencies and agents potentially have on two of the biggest competitions in world football : the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and the English Premier League (EPL); and how this could be impacted in the future with increased scrutiny under new football agent regulations of agent relationships with clubs, players and managers/coaches.

The shows special guest this week is Japanese agent and lawyer Yuki Mabuchi, who gives us insights into the soccer agents world in Japan; which includes player recruitment in the J-League, challenges for agents and the impact of FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations) on the Japanese football market.

We also have our regular update on National Football Agent Regulations (NFAR) from around the world, this week featuring Colombia and Austria.

There is also time to take a look at the inclusion of intermediaries (agents) on one of the most popular football games of all time (Football Manager 2024) and whether this demonstrates the crucial role of agents to a wider audience; and is reinforced by the inclusion of the TransferRoom player brokerage platform (used by agents) in the game.

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(01:06) – The Importance of Waiting for Rule K on English NFAR (and FFAR). >(02:11) – FIFA Fix ‘Bugs’ in The Agent Platform …… BUT Some Still Remain. >(02:51) – A FIFA Admission for the Omission of German Agents on the FIFA Agent’s Platform. >(06:25) – Confusion; and Time for Better Communication on the FIFA Agent’s Portal. >(08:14) – Prominent Role for Football Intermediaries (Agents) in Popular Computer Game. >(13:13) – Transferroom Also Features in New Computer Game Release. >(15:04) – Guest Interview – Yuki Mabuchi – Football Agent and Sports Lawyer from Japan. >(16:17) – Licensed FIFA Agents in Japan Pre and Post FFAR Exam. >(17:38) – FIFA Agent Exam Preparation for Candidates in Japan. >(18:45) – How Have the New FIFA Football Agent Regulations Been Received in Japan? >(20:32) – National Football Agent Regulations Variations in Japan. >(21:43) – Changes to Football Agent Industry in Japan. >(23:10) – What are the Challenges for Foreign Agents Operating in Japan? >(24:57) – The Football Negotiation Process in Japan. >(25:57) – Japanese Agents Frustrations and Forming Partnerships in Europe and Elsewhere. >(28:40) – A Trend for J-League to Focus on ASEAN Nation Players? >(30:07) – Template for Players Moving to Japanese Clubs. >(31:18) – One Wish for the Football Agent Industry? >(33:36) – Summary of Football Agency in Japan Guest Interview. >(35:03) – National Football Agent Regulations (NFAR). >(35:23) – Colombia >(37:19) – Austria >(38:49) – Top Represented Agencies in the UEFA Champions League? >(45:15) – Which Agent/Agency Do Premier League Clubs Deal With Most Often? >(50:19) – The Concept of Preferred Agents by Clubs & More Scrutiny. >(52:44) – Increased Scrutiny of Agency Influence & Agent, Club, Manager and Coach Relationships? >(55:35) – Closing Remarks – Get in Touch >(56:28) – Disclaimer >


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FIFA Licensed Agent Register

Football Manager 2024

IMAGENT Agency (Japan)


FA ‘Rule K’ Latest – (at time of episode recording)



Introducing Intermediaries and Offloading Players.

J-League to Make Debut in Football Manager.

Ten Best Represented Agents in the UEFA Champions League.

Which Agent Does Your Premier League Club Deal With Most Often?



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