How Messi’s Slippers Gave an Agent a Nightmare – “Viva Espana!” as Spanish Agents Score a Victory Over FIFA & the FFAR – National Football Agent Regulation Updates from Brasil & Slovakia.

Season 1 : Episode 18

With many in the football agent world shouting “Viva Espana“, this week on ‘The Agents Angle’ we look briefly at an injunction, this time in Spain, that impacts on FIFA’s implementation of the FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations). Whilst some in the media describe it as a ‘minor’ victory in Spain, when considered in combination with the likes of the German injunction on FFAR and the impending ‘Rule K’ ruling in England, it could be a major problem for FIFA.

Our special guest this week talks about how the sight of Lionel Messi’s slippers caused him to change from a dream scenario to one more associated with a nighmare. Established Malaysian football agent Effendi Jagan Abdullah talks to us about the football agents market in Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia, as well as the differences between the role of a Licensed FIFA Match Agent to that of a Football (player) Agent.

Finally, ‘The Agents Angle’ weekly NFAR roundup takes us to South America and Europe, where we look at the ‘National Football Agent Regulations‘ in Brazil and Slovakia – whilst we also recap on the recent EFAA (European Football Agents Association) events at Wembley Stadium in England, where many football agents gathered and many agent related matters were discussed.

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SHOW RUNNING ORDER :(01:24) – Injunction on FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) in Spain. >(02:47) – European Football Agents Association (EFAA) – General Assembly & Meeting at Wembley, London. >(05:02) – A ‘Minor’ Victory in Spain, or Another Serious Blow to FFAR? >(08:00) – Do Football Associations Really Want the New FFAR? >(11:27) – NFAR (National Football Agent Regulations) Round Up. >(11:39) – Slovakia >(17:38) – Brasil >(19:43) – Guest Interview – Effendi Jagan Abullah – Malaysia & Match Agents. >(21:47) – Potential For Financial & Cultural FFAR Clashes in Asia. >(25:10) – Challenges & Opportunities in Football Agency in South East Asia. >(26:09) – Loyalty, and Players Being Patient With Late Paying Clubs. >(27:21) – Overcoming the Problem of Too Many Players and Not Enough Clubs. >(28:45) – Tips for Football Agents New to Malaysia & South East Asia. >(29:56) – Boca Juniors, Real Madrid & Aston Villa Players to Malaysia. >(31:25) – Describing the Football Agent Industry/World in One Word. >(32:34) – The Role of a FIFA Licensed Match Agent. >(34:19) – Skillsets of Match Agents Compared to Football (Player) Agents. >(37:10) – Bringing Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, Pique, Xavi & Barcelona to Malaysia. >(37:59) – Rearranging a Match in 16 Hours With the Help of the King – Dream & Nightmare. >(39:23) – Overseas Players Moving to Malaysia & South East Asia. >(40:25) – One (or 2) Wish for the Football Agent Industry. >(41:35) – Reflection on Guest Interview. >(42:10) – Football Agent Shouldn’t be Just Eurocentric – A World Game with Global Value. >(43:39) – Closing Remarks – Credits – Get in Touch. >(56:28) – Disclaimer. >



EFAA – European Football Agents Association

(FAM) Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia

(SFZ) Slovenský Futbalový Zväz

(CBF) Confederação Brasileira de Futebol

Rule K Arbitration Update – (latest 27/9/23)



The Spanish Association of Football Agents wins an interim measures lawsuit against FIFA and RFEF

Players can walk out over salary issues

Local footballers running out of clubs to call home

Neymar and Messi will be part of Barca’s visit to Malaysia

Organiser offers refund to Barcelona fans: Malaysia



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