‘Football Leaks’ Déjà Vu as Former European Champions Investigated for Agent Payments – Inside the Injunction that Halted Agent Commission ‘Caps’ in Spain – FFAR Discussed at Soccerex with FIFA.

Season 1 : Episode 19

‘Football Leaks’ starting in 2015 exposed many questionable activities linked to the football agent world, however, the recent ‘Cyprus Confidential’ investigation has started to generate similar accusations with clubs, players, managers and AGENTS implicated. The investigation has led to former UEFA Champions League & English Premier League champions Chelsea FC being accused of irregular agent payments under their former ownership.

Our guest this week is Rodrigo García Lucas, a key member of the team in Spain that achieved a recent injunction against FIFA and the ‘capping’ of agent commissions under FFAR. We have insights into the process and challenges involved in the legal procedure, as well as the impact it may have on the Spanish football industry and the wider global implications including comparisons with the German injunctions.

Soccerex in Miami last week featured a panel discussion on FFAR featuring FIFA, its complications, problems and the strange accusation by some that “there is really not much outrage at the regulations” and it is “a European Issue”. 🤪

There is also our final weekly NFAR (National Football Agent Regulations) ’roundup‘ for a while – focussing this week on Hungary, Finland and India; whilst also highlighting the ‘broken jigsaw puzzle’ that exists, with over a hundred National (Member) Football Associations still yet to implement NFAR under FIFA Football Agent Regulations.

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(01:24) – Notice: Italian Football Agents Conference (with IAFA & TFF). > (01:48) – Possibility of Football Leaks 2, on a Smaller Scale? > (03:13) – Former European Champions Chelsea Subject to Allegations & Investigation(s) for Irregular Agent Payments. >(10:28) – Guest Interview – Rodrigo Garcia Lucas – Legal Adviser to the Spanish Agents Association (AEAF). > (12:01) – Overview of the Spanish Injunction to FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations). > (16:09) – Extent & Application of the Injunction on FFAR & German Comparison. > (24:56) – The Response to FFAR and ‘Caps’ in Spain by Clubs, Players, Leagues etc. > (26:56) – The Market Regulates Itself – Agent Commissions are a Case-by-Case Issue. > (31:25) – Problematic Implementation in South America & USA for FFAR with a Eurocentric Approach. > (34:23) – Advice for International Agents Navigating the Spanish Football Market. > (38:25) – NFAR (National Football Agent Regulations) Roundup. > (38:33) – Hungary. > (39:52) – Finland. > (41:22) – India. > (46:46) – 30th November in England for FFAR is a Guideline NOT a Guarantee! >(47:59) – Soccerex in Miami Sees FFAR and Rule K in England Debated with FIFA. > (51:30) – “Outside of Europe there is really not much outrage at the regulations” ?🤪 >(53:50) – Closing Remarks – Credits – Get in Touch. > (54:38) – Disclaimer. >



⁠The Spanish Association of Football Agents wins an interim measures lawsuit against FIFA and RFEF

⁠Laffer Abogados (Law Firm)

⁠Hungarian Football Federation (MSLZ) : Football Agent Regulations

⁠Football Association of Finland : National Football Agent Regulations⁠ (PDF)

⁠All India Football Federation (AIFF) Football Agent Regulations, 2023⁠ (PDF)


⁠Done Deal⁠ by Daniel Geey



Chelsea FC face new questions over how Roman Abramovich funded success⁠

Chelsea FC, once owned by Roman Abramovich, could face punishment over secret payments, experts warn

⁠Abramovich’s Secret Football Payments May Have Breached Financial Fair Play Rules⁠

FIFA’s new agent rules in the balance as UK court set to deliver a merit ruling




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