More Agent Regulation Breaches Reported (and The English FA Allegedly Did Nothing) – Why the EU’s Support for FIFA Agent Regulations Is ‘Cowardly’ – Are Player Bonuses a ‘Double Edged Sword’?

Season 1 : Episode 20

Whilst the EU are reported by some media outlets to have supported FIFA and their plans with the FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations), ‘The Agents Angle‘ examines why this is misleading – the implications of the reported actions of some at the European Commission have led to such actions being branded as ‘cowardly’. On the topic of the European Commission ‘report’ on FFAR, our special guest is Gregor Reiter (⁠EFAA (European Football Agents Association) Counsel⁠ and former MD and founder of the German Agents Association (DFVV)); with whom we examine the implications of the commissions observations on the current legal challenges, the history of EU involvement with football agent regulations and also pose the the prominent question that many are asking – “what is a ‘link to Germany‘?” .

There are also reports of more agent regulation breaches by another English football club in the higher echelons of the English Premier League (EPL); but more surprising is the matter of it being approximately 15 years ago and reports of the English Football Association (The FA) ‘doing nothing.

‘The Agents Angle’ also takes a look at the topic of performance related bonuses for players and the implications of bonuses for clubs and agents. Whilst the question is also asked as to whether such bonuses are a ‘double edged sword’ and whether FFAR will see agents utilising performance bonuses in a different way.

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(02:11) – Another English Premier League Implicated in Agent Irregularities! > (09:44) – Political Interference OR Intervention in Football. > (11:03) – Is the European Commission (EU) Really Supporting FIFA on FFAR? > (16:48) – Guest Interview – Gregor Reiter – ⁠EFAA⁠ Counsel (⁠European Football Agents Association⁠) & Founder of German Football Agents Association > (18:04) – Where Have FIFA Succeeded & Where Do Challenges Remain Regarding FFAR? > (19:21) – European Commission Attacked & Branded as ‘Cowardly’ on FFAR Observations. > (20:58) – The ‘Oddity’ of FIFA Solidarity Payments with Agent Regulations. > (22:11) – What Role Should/Could the EU & European Commission Play on Football Agent Regulations? > (24:13) – Where Were the EU In 2015 With FIFA Deregulating Football Agents & What Has Changed? > (26:37) – Will European Commission Views Affect FFAR Legal Cases (e.g. Germany)? > (28:08) – The Relationship Between Football Agents and the Football Authorities After the Legal Challenges. > (29:48) – Concerns Over FFAR, Go Beyond the ‘Cap’! > (32:59) – Is it Viewed as Advantage Spain and Germany in the January 2024 Transfer Window? > (34:42) – A German View on the ‘Link to Germany’. > (47:15) – Performance Bonuses for Players and the Impact on Clubs and Agents Also. >


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