Another defeat for FIFA over the ‘cap’ on agent commissions – Why did the decision take so long and what is ‘Rule K’? – What are the Signs for National Football Agent Regulations (NFAR) in England?

Season 1 : Episode 21

‘The Agents Angle’ can only start in one place this week, with that of the momentous ruling in England over the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) with the ⁠FIFA ‘cap’ on football agent commissions defeated once again⁠; following a similar path to Germany and Spain.

The ruling is a relief for many, but what was the reason for an apparent delay in the ‘Rule K’ arbitration process that handled the dispute between Agents and The FA? Esteemed Barrister Joe Bryan guides us through what the applications for ‘Rule K’ are across football disputes involving agents and other football participants?

There is also the ‘inside track’ on what MAY be implemented by The FA (England) with Football Agent regulations from the proposals presented earlier in the year to a select group; looking at topics including agent registration, protection of minors, CPD, registration fees, just cause, representation agreements, The PFA’s role, clearing house and players seeking independent legal advice.

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(01:20) – News of a Rule K Decision on FFAR in England. > (02:02) – What We Know So Far of the Decision on ‘Rule K’ Decision in England? > (05:10) – What Happens Next in England With Agent Regulations? >(06:00) – Impact of the Ruling in England; Across Europe & Around the World. > (07:47) – What Are FIFA Going to Do Next, Following the Ruling in England? >(08:57) – Would Previous Drafts of FFAR Have Resulted in a Different Ruling? > (09:44) – Understandable Frustration with Delay with the Decision, But Why? > (11:45) – Expert Interview – FA ‘Rule K’ Arbitrations – Joe Bryanof Littleton Chambers > (13:17) – What is ‘Rule K’ in English Football? > (15:22) – Common Misconceptions of ‘Rule K’ and Arbitration. > (17:13) – The Aspect of a ‘Football Participant’, What is It? > (18:00) – Potential Costs of ‘Rule K’ Arbitration Over A Football Dispute. > (19:09) – Role and Responsibility of an Agent in a ‘Rule K’ Arbitration. > (23:26) – What If a Football Participant Chose Litigation Over Arbitration (Rule K)? > (25:07) – Can Parties ‘Opt Out’ of a ‘Rule K’ Proceeding? > (27:00) – The Scope of FA ‘Rule K’ Disputes for Agents. >(30:49) – What May Happen in the Football Agent World Around the Globe Following the English Ruling? > (36:01) – What Does the FA Have in Mind for National Football Agent Regulations in England? > (39:51) – Another Possible Clash Between UK Legislation with FFAR? > (41:31) – Agent Licensing Period, Registration Periods & Stand Representation Contracts. > (43:16) – Agent Regulations Regarding Protection of Minors – Additional CPD & Authorisation Required for England. > (48:34) – Independent Legal Advice – Are Player Associations Important or Potentially Conflicted? > (51:09) – FIFA Clearing House Replaces the FA Clearing House …….. but when? > (56:19) – Positive Elements from The FA’s Draft National Agent Regulation Proposals. >


(November) Statement on Arbitration Proceeding by Agencies to Challenge NFAR Implementation >

(September) Update on Arbitration Proceeding by Agencies to Challenge NFAR Implementation⁠ >

FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) >



FIFA regulations to cap agent fees in England blocked after agency challenge⁠

Football agents celebrate FA tribunal victory in fight against Fifa regulations

⁠Football agents land major victory over Fifa after commission cap ruling



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