Saudi Pro League a secretive ‘closed shop’ or new frontier of opportunity for agents & players? Football agent presented 10 million euros ‘cash’ in a bag – Is Saudi another Chinese Super League?

Season 1 : Episode 22

The long-awaited episode on the rapid emergence of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Pro League (SPL) as football’s new ‘superpower’, but why is the lauded new frontier seemingly so secretive on business and football agent matters?

On this episode the show’s guest is Gad Cohen, a leading agent from the Saudi Frontier who managed the transfer of Croatian star player Marcelo Brozović from Inter Milan to Al Nassr in 2023. Gad provides insight into what it is like to operate in the Saudi Pro League, the targets, the aspirations as well as the all important ‘key(s)’ to success.

There is also closer analysis of the long term vision for Saudi football, the clash and threat (if any) that Saudi football poses to European football, as well as whether women’s football can follow the men’s game in developing to prominence.

Plus, what would you do if as a football agent, you were presented with the sight of 10 million euros ‘cash’ in a bag during a player transfer?

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(01:45) – Difficult Episode With a ‘Wall of Silence’ on Saudi Football and Saudi Pro League. > (02:33) – The Saudi Arabia Football Scene – An Overview. > (06:24) – Saudi Football a ‘Closed Shop’ for ‘Select Agents’? >(06:57) – Player Acquisition and Transfers Through One Central Point (PACE). > (08:17) – The Long Term Plan and ‘Vision’ for Saudi Arabian Football. >(10:21) – Is It Really ‘All About The Money’? > (11:43) – Concerns of Transfers for the Wrong Reasons and The Role of Agents. >(13:47) – Is the Saudi Pro League, Just Another ‘Chinese Super League’? >(19:28) – Were Big Names & Big Transfer Fees Really a Surprise? Are Big Loans to Follow? >(22:16) – Expert Interview – Gad Cohen – Leading SPL Agent &TFF Member > (23:30) – Experience of the Saudi Arabian Football Landscape & the Evolution. > (27:26) – Saudi Pro League vs Chinese Super League – the Differences. > (28:40) – Challenges & Adjustments for Players & Agents with Saudi Football. > (31:39) – Agent Regulations & Restictions in Saudi Arabia (& Worldwide). > (34:13) – Qualities and Attributes of Successful Agents in Saudi Football. > (37:16) – Loans Provide Agents With Opportunitities from Saudi Football? > (40:25) – Memorable Moment from the Agents World : 10 Million Euro “Cash”. (41:59) – Opportunities for Smaller Agents and Players in Saudi Football. >(45:24) – Saudi Pro League and Saudi Arabian Football Reflection. > (49:15) – Cultural Aspects, Adjustments and Allowances for Operating in Saudi Arabian Football. > (54:02) – Womens Football in Saudi Arabia – Is it the Next Frontier. >(56:56) – Many Questions Left Unanswered With Many Unwilling to Speak. > (58:18) – Closing Remarks – Questions & Get in Touch > (59:18) – Disclaimer >


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