Speculation Mounts of FIFA Suspending the ‘Cap’ on Agent Fees – FIFA Agent Working Group Meeting Plans Unlicensed Agent ‘Crackdown’ & Signs of Agents as Stakeholders – FIFA Agent Transfer Report

Season 1 : Episode 24

As a busy year (2023) in the agent’s world draws to a close, the last week has been more frenetic than ever with key meetings held and huge decisions reached on the FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations), or further clarification given on past rulings.

This episode of ‘The Agents Angle’ examines whether there could be signs of FIFA relenting and the cap on agent commissions as part of FFAR being suspended.

The meeting of the FIFA Agent Working Group in Saudi Arabia this last week also prompted news of a memorandum of understanding between FIFA and Agents (as stakeholders), a reduction in the license fee, and a ‘crackdown’ on unlicensed agents; amongst other things.

There is also news of another ruling against the FFAR by a huge football nation as well as another National Association elsewhere rumoured not to be applying the cap on agent commissions nationally.

And with the FIFA ‘Football Agents in International Transfers’ report released in time for the 1st anniversary of the approval of FFAR by FIFA Council, we ask whether this is a coincidence, as well as whether the report is an anomaly and an inaccurate portrayal of the football agent’s world, with the shadow of FFAR and the challenges to it.

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(02:12) – Findings Published from the Rule ‘K’ Arbitration in England on Agent Regulations. > (04:47) – Regulators and Agents Seem to Have VERY Different Views of the Agents Industry. > (06:34) – Rule ‘K’ Hearing Witnesses and Use of Past Research. >(09:23) – Another Major Football Nation (Brasil) Gives FFAR & FIFA Another ‘Kick’. > (12:18) – Petty and Innaccurate Scoring of the FFAR Dispute(s) Doesn’t Help! >(15:32) – FIFA Agent Working Group (F-AWG) Meet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2nd meeting). > (19:09) – Unlicensed Agent ‘Crackdown’ Mentioned at AWG. > (20:09) – ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) Could Lead to Agents Becoming FIFA Recognised ‘Stakeholders’. > (26:21) – The Big Issue of the ‘Capping’ on Agent Commissions, Whats Happening? > (27:47) – What Are the Problems IF FIFA Suspend the ‘Caps’ on Agent Commissions? >(29:34) – BREAKING NEWS : No ‘Caps’ on Domestic Agent Fees in Belgium. > (30:34) – FFAR’s First Birthday – Pure Coincidence or More Miracle FIFA Scheduling? >(32:28) – FIFA Release the ‘Football Agents in International Transfers’ Report. > (34:12) – A Challenge to FIFA for 2024 in the Name of ‘Transparency’ > (36:21) – ‘Some’ Interesting Agent/Agency Trends Identified Worldwide > (40:46) – FIFA’s Headline Points from the Report – ‘Stating the Bleeding Obvious’? >(41:48) – Impact of the European Super League (ESL) Case at the ECJ on Agent Regulations. > (44:33) – Credits and Contribution Thanks. > (46.29) – Disclaimer >


⁠FA ‘Rule K’ Arbitration Award Published Following Proceedings by Football Agencies⁠

⁠Partial Final (‘Rule K’ Arbitration) Award (PDF)⁠

FIFA – ⁠Football Agent Working Group holds second meeting

FIFA – ⁠Agent Service Fees Reach All-Time High in 2023

FIFA – ⁠FIFA’s Football Agents in International Transfers Report (PDF)




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