Football Agent Scores a Tax Victory – Who’s ‘On The Hook’ for Damages & Losses Suffered by Football Agents? – FIFA Seek to Address 1873 Confusion – Premier League Clubs Avoid Tax Through Agents

Season 1 : Episode 26

“In this world, nothing is certain, apart from death and taxes”, and the core subject for this episode is something that neither superstar players such as Cristiano Ronaldo nor football agents are immune from …….. tax !!!!. We are joined by football tax specialist Peter Fairchild, to look at the tax landscape for football agents operating in the English Premier League and the other leagues in the UK. Plus, we take a look at some of the tax implications from the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR), where at this moment in time things are far from certain.

Also, whilst FIFA Circular #1873 regarding FFAR was released a few weeks ago, it confused many on the suspensions announced in regard to the new agent regulations. So, ‘The Agents Angle’ also examines another circular released by FIFA in recent days, that aims to provide some clarity to the confusion over the FIFA Football Agent Regulation suspensions.

Yet, with the negative impact that FIFA’s implementation of FFAR has had on agents and agencies around the world; could FIFA be liable for losses and damages suffered by agents, with reports of an impending court case?

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(01:48) – Another FIFA Agent Regulation Circular Released to Clarify Questions Over FFAR. > (04:31) – Could FIFA Be Liable for Losses and Damages Suffered by Agents Caused by FFAR? > (08:50) – Good Agents & Good Lawyers Would Have Prepared for All Eventualities. > (11:13) – FIFA ‘On the Hook’ for FFAR Problems : Difficult to Prove, But Anything Can Happen. >(13:49) – In This World Nothing is Certain – Especially for Agents and Their Clients. > (15:14) – How Overseas (Footballers &) Sports Stars Are Taxed in the UK (e.g. England). >(16:56) – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Image Rights Provisions Fall Short of Italys Tax Requirements. >(22:12) – Expert Interview – Football Tax Relating to England and the UK (with Peter Fairchild). > (23:25) – Tax for Football Agents Operating in the UK. > (28:19) – Main Challenges & Tax Complications for Football Agents. > (34:11) – FFAR ‘Non-Agent Services’ Could Prompt Dangerous & Unqualified Tax Advice! > (36:47) – WARNING – Dual-Representation, Duality & Triality is Still a Prime Target for the Tax Authorities! > (39:43) – Problems With FIFA’s ‘Client Pays Model’. > (41:23) – Common Errors in the ‘Transfer Window. > (44:36) – Greater Focus on Football Agents from Tax Authorities Around the World! > (47:24) – Risks for Agents and Clients for Non-Compliance. >(55:26) – A Win for a Football Agent Over Tax – But VAT is Not So Simple in Football. > (63:44) – Reports That Premier League Clubs Avoid Millions in Tax Relating to Agents! >


Pete Fairchild – Crowe UK – Football Tax – Tax Compliance Services⁠

HMRC – ⁠EIM01150 – Football clubs: payments to intermediaries⁠

HMRC – ⁠EIM01151 – Football clubs: payments to intermediaries: indicators of risk⁠

HMRC – ⁠EIM01152 – Football clubs: payments to intermediaries: retention of records⁠

FIFA – ⁠How to Become a Licensed Football Agent⁠

FIFA – ⁠Football Agent Working Group holds second meeting


FIFA Prepare for Impending Lawsuit from Agents Over New Regulations⁠

How Overseas Sports Stars Are Taxed in the UK⁠

⁠Italian Revenue Agency Scores Again on the Tax Treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Image Rights Income

⁠Another Bruising Defeat for HMRC⁠

HMRC Ruled Offside in Football Agent VAT Appeal⁠

Premier League Clubs Avoided £250m in Tax, Expert Estimate



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