Players ‘Sacking’ Their Agents: An Increasingly Worrying Trend? – Transfer Clauses Agents Should Be Aware Of – New ‘Education & Licensing’ Agents Post Advertised at FIFA

Season 1 : Episode 28

With the introduction of the new football agent license by FIFA (as part of FFAR), there are reports of players ‘sacking’ their agents, or ‘walking away’ and/or ‘dissolving’ existing representation agreements and contracts.

Agents are rumoured to be circling one Manchester United star of the future, and another former United player ‘sacking’ family members as his agents; ‘The Agents Angle’ examines this phenomenon and looks at the huge threat that it creates for those formerly ‘Registered Intermediaries’ who are now unlicensed, and others who may still have existing agreements with clients.

This episode also looks at prominent clauses in transfer agreements that all agents should be aware of, especially during a transfer window. From ‘buy-out’ clauses and more complex ‘loan’ arrangements, to ‘buy back’ clauses and ‘sell-ons’.

Also, the show looks at signs of FIFA possibly extending their agent team on relocating to Miami, with an advertised role with FIFA for a new ‘Education and Licensing Manager’ of Football Agents, which could be very suitable for someone from the agent’s world, who understands this complex and nuanced football agent industry.

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(02:47) – An Increasing Trend of Players ‘Sacking’ and Changing Agents? > (04:18) – Former Manchester United Star ‘Sacks’ His Agents In The Transfer Window. > (07:11) – Agents Circling Young Stars Who Are Represented by Their Family. >(12:07) – Unlicensed Former Registered Intermediaries In A Very Difficult Situation. > (16:46) – A Potential Trap for Players from Intermediary Agreements with Unlicensed Agents. >(18:03) – Registered Intermediaries Who Are Not Licensed FIFA Football Agents. >(23:05) – FEATURE : 4 Transfer Clauses That Agents Need to Be Aware Of. > (24:11) – Loan With Obligation (or Option) To Buy. > (25:42) – The ‘Buy Out’ Clause. > (27:42) – The ‘Sell On’ Clause, and Cautionary Factors. > (31:02) – ‘Buy Back’ Clauses & The ‘Right of First Refusal’ Clauses. > (32:26) – Importance of Clause Terminology is Not Just for the Lawyers, BUT the Agent AS WELL! > (36:41) – Still A Question Mark Over ‘Penalty’ Clauses in Agent Representation Agreements/Contracts. >(38:26) – Escaping the ‘Agents Game’ For a Cushy Secure Football Job in Miami (with FIFA)? > (41:04) – Progession or Regression With An Advertised FIFA Role for Agent Licensing and Education? > (42:35) – A Way to Go, ‘IF’ FIFA Are SERIOUS About Regulating & Support the Agents World Adequately. > (45:26) – Lawyer Credits for Contributing Articles on Contract Clauses. > (45:48) – Notice of Changes to ‘The Agents Angle’. > (47:14) – Closing Remarks – Like, Subscribe, Sign Off, Farewell > (47:55) – Disclaimer >


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