Transfers Collapse Due to Agent Disputes – The FIFA Law Annual Review (FLAR) in Tokyo Features an Update on Football Agent Regulations – Could Accountants & Finance Whizzes Become the Transfer Stars?

Season 1 : Episode 29

Following the recent closure of the (January) ‘transfer window’ in many parts of the world, a quieter ‘window’ than normal for many agents, ‘The Agents Angle’ examines – is it a case of clubs being more cautious due to various factors impacting on finances? And could it see a shift towards a more American, if not ‘Feast or Famine’ approach by clubs to player recruitment?

Coinciding with the closing of the ‘transfer window’; FIFA held their annual FLAR (FIFA Law Annual Review) in Tokyo, which although not etched in many agent’s diaries ….. agent-related matters featured prominently on the agenda.

As such, ‘The Agents Angle’ looks at matters discussed at the FLAR and updates relating to the agent’s world; from regulation (FFAR) to transfers, club finances to tax as well as a senior FIFA official ‘labelling’ the topic of agents as “amazing and interesting”.

There is also the case of a ‘collapsed’ transfer in the recent ‘transfer window’ that was reported to be because of a dispute relating to agent representation of the player; and the need for adequate independent dispute resolution for agents when such matters arise.

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(01:29) – Was The January ‘Transfer Window’ Really That Quiet? > (02:57) – Transfer Payments Are ‘Catching Up’ With Some Clubs. > (08:39) – Confusing Terminology of Loaning, Loan, Loanee & Clubs ‘Stretching’ Finances. >(10:35) – A Shift Towards the America in Recruitment Strategy – with ‘Feast or Famine’ Approach? > (13:47) – Could Accountants & Finance Directors Become A Club’s Next Big Star in Transfers? >(18:14) – Agent Matters Prominent at FIFA Law Annual Review in Tokyo. >(23:14) – Has the FIFA Clearing House ‘Stalled’ When it Comes to Agent Commissions? > (25:33) – Observations from FLAR Presentation on ‘Developments’ With FIFA Agent Regulations (FFAR). > (32:53) – Did the FLAR Demonstrate More FIFA Misconceptions & Misunderstanding About Agents & The Agents World? > (38:15) – FLAR Presentation on ‘The Global Football Transfer Picture (2023)’ Used to Deflect Innacurately onto Agents? > (44:53) – Overall Reflection on the ‘Tone’ of The FIFA Law Annual Review (FLAR) & FIFA Priorities Including Agent Regulations. > (49:05) – A January Transfer ‘Falls Through’ Due to Agent Representation Dispute. > (50:54) – When Agent Disputes Stop Transfers & Everyone Loses & A Place for Mediation & ADR? > (55:06) – Breaking News on Osman Transfer – Agreement Now With Brighton. > (57:53) – Disclaimer >


FIFA : ⁠FLAR (FIFA Law Annual Review) – Tokyo – February 2023) >

Day One (time-stamps)
00/38/40 – Do’s & Dont’s in Player Transfers
03/28/40 – UEFA Financial Sustainability Regulations

Day Two (time-stamps)
00/02/45 – The Global Transfer Picture: 2023 Figures
00/44/00 – Key Tax Issues Involved in Player Transfers
02/02/00 – Minimum Working Conditions For Female Players
02/35/50 – The Swiss Federal Tribunal in 2023 (and CAS)
04/39/00 – ‘Amazing & Interesting’ ? – Closing Statement

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⁠‘Deal is off’ – West Ham transfer mess as agent drama sees Hammers signing collapse⁠⁠ >

Brighton ‘now pushing’ for signing this week – De Zerbi’s side ‘make offer’ of €20m+⁠ >

Brighton to sign Nordsjaelland’s Ibrahim Osman in €19.5m transfer⁠⁠ >



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