The Importance of Agents When it Comes to Player Care & The Value of Player Care – An Out of Court Settlement Between Club & Agent – The Role of Mandates for Football Agents, Clubs & Players.

Season 1 : Episode 30

The aspect of Player Care has evolved rapidly in football in recent times, and should be recognised as an important factor for any conscientious football agent, club and player.

Yet, what role do agents have in the provision of player care, and do agents really appreciate and understand the value of player care and the role of player liaison professionals within clubs?

‘The Agents Angle’ welcomes Hugo Scheckter as this episode’s guest; a vastly experienced player care professional with many English Premier League clubs and now a trainer of many of those working in Player Care as well as an advisor to many elite clubs on their player care provisions.

‘The Agents Angle’ also takes a look at reports of an ‘out of court’ settlement between an agent and club, in a long-running dispute over the transfer of Emiliano Sala from FC Nantes to Cardiff City FC which sadly ended in tragedy. Could more robust player care provisions have helped possibly avert the disputes, but more importantly the tragic outcome?

The aspect of multiple agents being involved in a single transfer also brings ‘under the spotlight‘ the topic of ‘mandates’. What are they, how can they be used, how are they structured and what are the implications and considerations for football agents, clubs, and footballers in using mandates around the world?

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(02:25) – The Tragic Story of The Sala ‘Transfer’ and the Importance of Player Care > (04:18) – Dispute Between Club and Agent(s) Settled ‘Out of Court’. > (10:10) – An Agent’s ‘Duty of Care‘ & Does Football Lose Site of the Important Things? >(14:26) – Proof That (some) Agents Are ‘Leeches‘? >

(17:15) – Guest Interview : Hugo Scheckter – Player Care > (19:06) – Overview of Player Care and Player Liaison Departments at Football Clubs > (22:29) – Agent Working With Clubs On Player Care > (25:19) – Key Challenges for Player Care – ‘Striking A Balance’ > (26:59) – An Agents Role in Player Care > (30:50) – Transfer Windows and the Agents Role In Player Care > (36:33) – Learning the Language The Right Way > (39:11) – Agents as Advocates for Player Care Around the World > (41:21) – Mental Health Considerations for Player Care and Agents in Their Roles > (43:45) – Advice for Agents in a ‘Cut-Throat‘ Industry > (46:22) – The Future of Player Care for Agents & Protecting ‘Investment’ > (50:09) – The Value Of, and Responsibility for Player Care (For ALL), Cannot Be Underestimated! >

(55:31) -Mandates and Related Agreements for Football Agents. > (58:27) – Types and Structure of Agent Mandates > (61:50) – Issues Relating to Mandates: Regulation (FFAR), Compliance, Exclusivity, Expectations, Transactional & Authority. > (64:15) – Geographical Considerations with Mandates. > (66:26) – Mandate Enforcement, Jurisdiction & Disputes > (67:17) – Final Tips & Summary on Agent Mandates. >

(72:50) – Disclaimer >


The Player Care Group – (Hugo Scheckter) >

PODCAST – ‘Transfer’ : The Emiliano Sala Story >


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⁠Cardiff City ready to sue Nantes for up to £200million …… as Swiss court make ruling⁠ >

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