‘Super-Agent’ Talks About ‘The Football Forum’ (TFF), FIFA, Agent Regulations & Education – ‘Legendary’ Agent Announces Their Retirement – Football Agents ‘Stepping Away’ & Becoming Sporting Directors.

Season 1 : Episode 31

‘The Agents Angle’⁠ is joined in this episode by someone considered by many to be one of football’s current ‘super-agents‘, and one of the most prominent voices in the football agent world, ⁠Rafaela Pimenta⁠.

As well as being the agent for superstar players such as Erling Haaland (of Manchester City) and Henrikh Mkhitaryan (of Inter Milan), Rafaela talks to the show about ‘⁠The Football Forum’⁠, including the aims, objectives and challenges that face ⁠TFF ⁠(as a Global body for football agents and players) and the wider agent world, especially with the problems created by the ⁠FFAR⁠ (⁠FIFA Football Agent Regulations⁠).

This includes, asking whether FIFA has employed a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy towards agents, whether FIFA’s stance on FFAR is ‘softening‘ and also considers the role of agent education, the ‘manipulation’ of the public image of agents and how TFF is not a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ as some perceive it to be.

‘The Agents Angle’ also looks at the news that another ‘superagent’ and legend of the football agent world has announced their retirement. PLUS, other reports where agents are quitting the industry, or looking to change roles to become amongst other things, Sporting Directors with football clubs.

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(02:49) – ‘Stepping Away’ from the Football Agents Industry. >
(03:52) – Ukrainian Agent ‘Walks Away’, Citing ‘Disappointment in the Profession’. >
(06:34) – Agents Switching Roles to Become Club Sporting Directors. >
(12:02) – Veteran ‘Super-Agent’ Figure Announces Retirement. >

(17:15) – Guest Interview : @Rafaela Pimenta – President of The Football Forum (TFF). > (18:38) – ‘Super Agent’ – ‘Loved or Loathed‘. > (19:54) – Law and Lecturing to the World of Football (and Sports Law). > (22:02) – From The Favellas to the World Cup : Most Memorable Moment(s) & Rewarding Achievement(s). > (24:52) – Huge Changes in the Football Agent World : Footballer to Athlete, Super-Agent to Multi-Agency. > (27:28) – Understanding the Limits of Creativity and The Differing Mindsets of Lawyers and Agents. > (29:56) – Any Changes in the ‘Transfer Market’? > (31:40) – Future of the Agent World with FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations) and ‘The Law‘. > (35:49) – The Football Forum (TFF) Primary Mission and Purpose. > (40:13) – TFF is Not a ‘Gentlemens Club’! – Members, Structure, Benefits and The Prominent Agent Figures. > (43:40) – Challenges for TFF (The Football Forum) & The Waste of Money on FFAR Litigation. > (46:31) – A FIFA Strategy of ‘Divide & Conquer’ – Bringing Agents Factions Together. > (49:54) – A Softening in FIFA’s Approach to FFAR? – The Consequences of Public Opinion Manipulation of Football Agents. > (56:03) – ‘One‘ Wish for the Football Agents Industry > (58:50) – Key Points, Highlights & ‘Takeaways‘ from the Guest Interview with Rafaela Pimenta. >

(62:59) – Closing Remarks – Like, Subscribe, Sign Off, Farewell. >
(75:21) – Disclaimer >


TFF⁠ : ⁠The Football Forum⁠ >


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