FIFA’s Appeal Rejected by Court on FFAR Injunction – PLUS An EXCLUSIVE Interview With One Agent Behind this Successful Challenge to the FIFA Football Agent Regulations.

Season 1 : Episode 32


Following a week where a FIFA appeal over an injunction blocking the introduction of new football agent regulations was rejected by a court in Germany, ‘The Agents Angle’ presents an unscheduled bonus episode on the injunction and FIFAs failed appeal over the FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations).

Bringing you an exclusive interview with Michael Frank, one of the agents who led that challenge – a case that resulted in an injunction that arguably gave FFAR its first ‘bloody nose’, and prompted other such challenges and subsequent blows to FIFA’s problematic agent regulation proposals.

And whilst this could be perceived by some as the ‘beginning of the end’ for FFAR as we know it, the European ‘elephant in the room’ that is seemingly FIFA’s ‘last hope’, is still lurking in the shadows and could potentially make matters far worse for everyone in the future.

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(00:09) – Introduction to a special episode of ‘The Agents Angle’. > (00:23) – FIFA Appeal Over German Injunction on FFAR Rejected. > (02:11) – Possibly The First Case to Put FIFA ‘On Notice’ Over FFAR, Goes ‘Under The Radar’. >

(05:03) – EXCLUSIVE GUEST INTERVIEW: With An Agent Behind the Successful German Injunction – An Unsung Hero for Agents on FFAR. >
(06:48) – Guest Introduction (Michael Frank), and Operating as an Agent Between Brazil and Germany. > (08:11) – A Pivotal Case for All Agents and The Motivation for An Individual Agent to Take on FIFA and FFAR in Court. > (11:32) – Chances of Success vs FIFA – There Was No Alternative. > (13:02) – The Risks and Cost of a ‘David vs Goliath‘ Battle. > (14:43) – Differences, Similarities & Cohesion Between the Various German FFAR Cases & Injunctions. > (15:47) – Building Support and Unity for the Challenge – from Agents, Agent Associations and Others. > (18:22) – Any Regrets, or Things That Would Be Done Differently With the Case. > (19:14) – How The Future Looks for FFAR, Agent Regulations and the Other Challenges. > (20:54) – Have the FFAR Injunctions in Germany Prompted Changes in the German Football Agent Market? >

(22:38) – Guest Interview Roundup & The Importance of Getting a ‘Coal-Face’ Picture. >
(24:29) – Still Need for Clarity on the Impact of This Injunction and Rejected Appeal on FFAR in Germany and Around the World. > (25:24) – The Challenge Points to FFAR From The German Injunction/Case. > (26:51) – The Confusing Enigma of ‘A Link to Germany’ Still Remains Outside of Germany. > (29:23) – FIFAs Last Hope? : ‘The Elephant (Not Yet) in the Room’, The ECJ Ruling (European Court of Justice). >(32:14) – Do Such Rulings Advantage Some Football Markets, and Disadvantage Others? >(33:33) – Could The Nightmare of FFAR Be Nearing a Conclusion, or Possibly Get Worse? >

(35:16) – Closing Remarks – Like, Subscribe, Sign Off, Farewell. > (36:03) – Disclaimer >


March 2024

⁠FIFA, German association fail to overturn temporary ban on rules for football agents⁠⁠⁠⁠ >
Injunction against FIFA agent rules remains in place – German court⁠ >

May 2023

⁠Injunction granted in Germany over new FIFA regulations and entry exam⁠ >
⁠Oral Hearing in the Preliminary Injunction Proceedings Concerning the FIFA Football Agents Regulations (FFAR)⁠⁠⁠⁠ >

(FIFA) ⁠FFAR : FIFA Football Agent Regulations⁠ (PDF)





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