Football Agent Education & Professional Development – UEFA’s Player Agent Programme for Agents Around the World – Disappointing FIFA Agent CPD – Important US Court Case Against FIFA & USSF.

Season 1 : Episode 33

This week on ‘The Agents Angle’ there is a look at the subject of football agent education and professional development – from the phase of preparing for the ⁠FIFA Football Agents exam⁠ through to fine-tuning the agent skill set for a very competitive industry.

The show welcomes UEFA Academy Programme Manager Stephane Ehrhart, who takes us through the ‘UEFA Player Agents Programme’, which covers topics from player identification and statistical analysis through to negotiation and other agent industry skills.

And in the last week before the ⁠application deadline for the 3rd FIFA Football Agents exam⁠, there is a look at the courses that claim to help candidates pass the exam, as they commence their football agent journey.

Also, news on regulation changes in England and the UK, with a new football regulator confirmed and the English Premier League (EPL) bringing in new cost controls; as well as a look at why ‘bugs’ seemingly persist in the ⁠FIFA Agents Platform⁠ and FIFA agent CPD, failing to live up to expectations. Plus, the ⁠’Relevant’ anti-competition case in the USA against the USSF and FIFA,⁠ that could impact cases against FFAR and the capping of agent fees.

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(00:09) – Introduction – Football Agent Education ,CPD and the Training Assistance Available >

(02:27) – UK Football Regulator & Cost Control Changes in the English Premier League (EPL) and the Impact on Football Agents and Clubs Around the World. >

(07:33) – Deadline for 3rd FIFA Football Agents Exam Approaches With A Plethora of Agent Exam Courses. > (10:59) – Football Agent Exam Courses : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. > (13:10) – Football Agent Exam Not As Difficult as Pre-2015, BUT Still a Case By Case Basis for the New Exam. > (15:24) – FIFA Football Agent Exam Resources Means that Preparation is Key. > (17:11) – Courses, Mentoring & Coaching for the Exam Is Just The Start for a Football Agent. > (17:54) – Observations From The ‘FIFA Executive Programme in Football Agency’. >

(20:15) – Special Guest : Stephane Ehrhart – UEFA Academy Programme Manager, UEFA Player Agents Programme. >
(21:13) – Introduction to the UEFA Academy and the ‘UEFA Player Agent’s Programme’. >
(25:28) – Topics, Subjects and Focus of the ‘UEFA Player Agents Programme’ – A 360 Degree Approach. >
(28:50) – Delivering The Agents Programme, by The Best of the Best for The Best of the Best’. >
(30:07) – Differences With Other Agent Courses – Learning How to Do The Job, Not Just Be Licensed. >
(32:12) – How FFAR & Football Agent Regulation Changes Have Affected on the ‘UEFA Player Agent Programme’. >
(34:08) – Club Agent ……. or Just a ‘Player Agent Programme’? >
(35:07) – Strengths and Weaknesses of Agents & The Knowledge of Agents. >
(37:21) – Future Plans for the UEFA Player Agents Programme & Applying for the Programme. >
(38:36) – Observations of the UEFA ‘Player Agents Programme’ Approach. >

(43:39) – Room for Improvement? & Minor Reservations Over the UEFA Player Agent Programme. >
(48:49) – Disappointing Mandatory FIFA Football Agent CPD, PLUS Bugs Remain in The FIFA Agent Platform. >
(53:39) – Successful Transfer Room Summit in Rome Attended By Many Agents & Clubs. >
(53:53) – The ‘Relevant’ Case in The US Moves ‘Up a Gear’ and Potentially Crucial to Agents, Football & ‘Capping’. >

(54:55) – Closing Remarks – Get in Touch – 3rd FIFA Football Agent Exam Reminder. >
(55:49) – Disclaimer. >


UEFA Player Agent Programme⁠ >

FIFA Executive Programme in Football Agency⁠ >

⁠FIFA Football Agent Exam Study Materials⁠ (PDF) >

⁠FIFA Agent Platform⁠ >


Historic Football Governance Bill introduced in Parliament⁠ >

English football regulator close as government confirms ‘historic’ bill⁠ >

Premier League profit and sustainability regulations explained : What restrictions are there on clubs spending what they want?⁠ >

Relevent suit against US Soccer (USSF) and FIFA inches closer to Supreme Court⁠ >



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