‘Method to The Madness’ with FIFAs New Agent Regulations (FFAR)? – Recruiting an Entire Team Without Calling an Agent – FIFAs American Influence – Premier League Games in the USA in the Next 10 Years.

Season 1 : Episode 34

A shocking admission on ‘The Agents Angle’ this week, which acknowledges the possibility of some‘ logic and ‘method in the madness‘ of FIFA with the FFAR and the cap on agent commissions.

Could the increasing US influence on the world of football also be reflected in a changing mindset and approach from FIFA, not least the move of FIFA’s agent and legal division to Miami which has led to numerous resignations and departures from FIFA?

We also revisit the ‘Relevent’ case in the USA, and the huge ramifications which that could have for FIFA and agents around the world.

Also, how some ‘agents are now viewed as more important than football directors’, and a sporting director recruiting a whole team without calling a single agent.

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(00:08) – Introduction & Show Overview
(01:06) – Third FIFA Agents Exam Approaches & What Lays Ahead. >
(02:53) – The Relevance of ‘Relevent’ in The US for Agents, FFAR, and FIFA (Globally). >

(07:09) – The Growing Influence of US Football/Soccer on the Football World Including Agents. >
(08:15) – “Premier League Games Will Be Played in the USA in the Next 10 Years” >
(08:11) – A Pivotal Case for All Agents and The Motivation for An Individual Agent to Take on FIFA and FFAR in Court. >
(10:35) – Lack of Clarity from Football Disputes (e.g. FFAR) Could Lead to More Natonal Legislation in Football. >
(13:07) – ‘A Method to FIFAs ‘Madness’ ‘ and Some Logic with FIFA Football Agent Regulation (FFAR)? >
(15:10) – A Growing Influence from US Sports on FIFA and the Approach to FFAR and a Cap on Agent Commissions? >
(16:14) – US Sports Agent & US Talent Manager vs Football/Soccer Agent Comparison? >
(18:12) – Influence of a Mature American Sports Market – FIFA Agent Fees vs ‘Other Service’ Fees. >
(21:50) – Potential Clashes for FIFA and Their Regulations With The USA. >
(24:27) – Changes from FIFA Legal (and Agent) Department Moving to Miami & The Effect on Agents & Regulations. >
(25:46) – FIFA Aligning More with Broader US Sports Law, Rather than Swiss and EU Law? – The CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) Relationship. >

(30:03) – “Some Agents Matter More Than Football Directors”. >

(32:03) – Agents in The Media – Quotes, Duty, Deflection vs Misinformation & Trouble Causing. >

(36:00) – Recruiting an Entire Team Without Contacting a Single Agent. >

(37:59) – ‘Call to Action’ on Football Agent Associations. >
(39:05) – Upcoming Agent Events in Africa and Europe. >
(39:38) – Closing Remarks – Like, Subscribe, Sign Off, Farewell. >
(40:08) – Disclaimer. >


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⁠Biden administration says FIFA, U.S. Soccer antitrust suit should go to trial⁠ >

⁠’Relevent‘ suit against US Soccer inches closer to Supreme Court⁠ >

⁠Premier League games will be played in USA in next 10 years, predicts head of LA 2028 Summer Olympics⁠ >

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⁠FIFA moving legal department, over 100 jobs to Miami area⁠ >



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