Brink of Another Bosman as FIFA Regulations Come Under More Fire? – Agent Cleared of Criminal Charges – Tax Authorities Release Football Agent Specific Guidelines – Missing Late Friend & Agent Mino.

Season 1 : Episode 37

Could the football world be on the brink of another change that is comparable to the ‘Bosman’ ruling of 1995? FIFA regulations face another challenge that impacts the football agent industry and could even spell the end of the ‘transfer system’ (and RSTP) as we know it ……. and it isn’t ‘FFAR’ this time.

Whilst a football agent is cleared by a court on criminal charges of ‘sending malicious communications’ to a club official, we look at the record-keeping and communication standards that agents should maintain, especially with increased scrutiny expected by the tax authorities on matters of dual-representation (duality) as per official guidance released this last week.

Plus, a superstar’ player confesses to missing his late friend and agent, and there are player unions reportedly taking action against clubs for the ‘abuse’ of players.

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(02:20) – Agent Cleared of Criminal Charges of Malicious Communcation to Club Official. >

(12:40) – Important Tax Update Specifically Directed at Football Agent Matters. >

(15:18) – Increased Scrutiny from Tax Authorities on Dual-Representation >

(23:18) – ‘Shadow’ Agents >

(24:38) – Family Members Acting as ‘Intermediaries’ & ‘Agents‘ >

(27:42) – A Challenge to FIFA Regulations, That Could Be AS BIG AS BOSMAN! >

(36:54) – Breach of Contract, Just Cause, Sporting Just Cause, Protected Periods & Abusive Conduct >

(44:49) – Potential Collapse of The Transfer System >

(45:58) – Player Unions File Criminal Complaints Against Clubs Over Player ‘Abuse’. >

(49:17) – Quick Takes: >

(49:52) – New Club Develop a ‘Blue Print’ for Agents >

(51:29) – Superstar Player Confesses to Missing Late Friend & Agent Mino Raiola. >

(54:16) – UEFA and Agent Association Cements Educational Affiliation to Support Agents. >

(58:41) – Disclaimer. >



AG Szpunar: Some FIFA rules on transfer of players may prove to be contrary to EU law⁠ (PDF) >

⁠FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players⁠ (PDF) >

⁠Commentary on the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players⁠ (PDF) >

⁠⁠FIFA Agent Directory⁠⁠ >



Football agent charged with malicious communications after police investigated allegations that ex-Chelsea chief Marina Granovskaia was blackmailed over ‘£300,000 transfer demand’⁠ >

⁠Kurt Zouma transfer: Football agent denies threat over commission payment ⁠ >

⁠Football agent cleared of sending intimidating email to former Chelsea director⁠ >

⁠Former Chelsea director does not miss ‘ugly side of football’ after agent found not guilty⁠ >

⁠Chelsea may be forced to lift lid on Roman Abramovich’s alleged questionable transfers next month in ongoing legal case involving former Stamford Bridge director Marina Granovskaia⁠ >

⁠Marina Granovskaia linked to secret payments by former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich⁠ >

⁠EU legal adviser says some FIFA player transfer rules may breach EU lawrules may breach EU law⁠ >

⁠FIFA should lose EU legal dispute over player transfer rules, court aide says⁠ >

⁠France’s footballer union launches lawsuit to protect sidelined players⁠ >

⁠Union takes criminal action against club for first time as footballers fight ‘widespread’ abuse of rights⁠ >

⁠French player union files criminal complaint to protect players against harassment⁠ >

⁠Zlatan Ibrahimovic Confesses Missing His Late Friend Mino Raiola⁠ >

⁠FIFA tells judge it plans to change rule barring clubs from playing abroad by end of year⁠ >

⁠TFF Affiliation with UEFA on the 2024 Player Agent Programme⁠ >



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