Premier League Agent With Hot Prospect for this Transfer Window Given Fine & Ban for Old Regulation Breaches – Problems for FIFA in Argentina – Marking Errors Reported in FIFAs 3rd FFAR Agents Exam.

Season 1 : Episode 39

The case of the agent for one of the hottest players in this summer ’24 transfer window is fined and suspended for breaches of the intermediary (agent) regulations from more than 4 years ago – along with a club, and club officials also being sanctioned.

More problems for FIFA, with another ruling against the FFAR in Argentina and reports of the 3rd FFAR football agents exam being subject to marking errors.

The show also looks to answer listener questions covering topics such as penalty clauses for players in contracts, approaching players, using RSTP and FFAR correctly and whether old agents can regain their agent license.

And there is of course ‘quick takes’, looking at tax breaks for Mbappe and co in Madrid, FIFA welcoming agents into the ‘Football Family’, a new mega-agency emerging, and how one sports agent’s own personal brand has secured them a lucrative deal.


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(02:02) – Another ‘Bump in The Road’ for FFAR, in Argentina. >

(04:51) – 4 Year Old Regulation Breaches Results in Fine and Suspension for a Premier League Agent, a Club & Club Officials. >

(08:44) – Why Has An Intermediary (Agent) Investigation Taken So Long, In A ‘Clear Cut Case’? >

(14:07) – The Effect of an Agent Fine and Ban in the Transfer Window. >

(18:20) – Naivity, Lack of Knowledge AND/OR Inconsistent & Unclear Regulations? >

(32:48) – Listener Questions: >

(34:18) – Finding Out If A Player is Approaching the End of Their Representation Agreement? >

(37:29) – Penalty Clauses for Players Breaching Exclusivity in an Agent Contract? >

(44:02) – Can Agents Regain Their Pre-2015 FIFA Player Agent License Under FFAR? >

(46:09) – Understanding and Using RSTP and FFAR When Dealing With Clubs? >

(50:05) – Updates and Feedback on the 3rd FFAR Agents Exam.

(53:51) – Reports of FIFA Football Agent Exams Marked Incorrectly and Appealed. >

(56:57) – Quick Takes: >

(57:01) – Agent’s Personal Brand Secures Deal With Sportswear Giant. >

(58:58) – Another Mega Agency Established Between USA and Germany. >

(60:11) – Ghana Celebrates Football Agent Success & FIFA Welcomes Agents Into the Football Family?. >

(62:28) – Mbappe Moves to Real Madrid & Others Take Advantage of New Tax Cut for Madrid Clubs. >

(63:29) – Premier League Cost Control Changes Delayed Due to Legal Challenge(s). >

(65:53) -Possibility of Football Agents Getting ‘a Voice‘? >

(68:27) – Disclaimer. >



FA UPDATE – READING FC- (Written Reasons)⁠ >

⁠Buenos Aires Civil Court’s (FFAR Ruling in Argentina)⁠ >

⁠⁠⁠Reading FC – STATEMENT | Club Fines For Breaching FA Intermediary Regulations⁠⁠⁠ >

⁠FIFA RSTP (Regulations on the Status & Transfer of Players)⁠ (PDF) >

⁠FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations) ⁠(PDF) >

⁠The Sports Law Podcast⁠ >



⁠Michael Olise’s agent handed six-month FA ban over agreement with Reading⁠ >

⁠GFA Congratulate New Fifa Player Agents⁠ >

⁠What Is Unique About The Sports Agent’s Collaboration With New Balance?⁠ >

⁠FIFA’s investment captures a wide range of groups within the football family including Football Agents⁠ >

⁠The day the ‘Wembley tax haven’ closes in north London, it looks like the Mbappe tax law will get a run out at the Bernabeu⁠ >

⁠Premier League clubs won’t vote on salary cap ‘anchoring’ idea at AGM amid opposition from PFA⁠ >



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