FIFA Fined €150,000 Over Agent Regulations – Is Germany Exempt from FIFA Fooball Agent Regulations (FFAR)? – What Does The FIFA Transfer Snapshot Tell Us About Agent Activity?

Season 1 : Episode 10

A media release from FIFA in recent weeks has sent the football agents world into yet another state of flux over the new FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations), so ‘The Agents Angle’ this week looks at what FIFA has said and whether an exemption applies for German agents as well as those connected to German football with regards to agent regulations, when FIFA’s ‘Regulations on Working with Intermediaries‘ (RWWI) are scheduled to be replaced by the FFAR in full on the 1st October 2023.

A fine of €150,000 for FIFA may have prompted movement on FFAR in Germany; but as well as causing complications for German Football Authorities, could this actually spell more trouble for FIFA and the FFAR? Joining ‘The Agents Angle’ this week to discuss these football agent complications, is German football law and football agency expert, Dr Joachim Rain who will help dissect the announcement, the complications, implications as well as the potential outcomes.

In addition to this, ‘The Agents Angle’ will also be taking a look into the recently released FIFA ‘International Transfer Snapshot’ (Sept’23) which provides information regarding the recent transfer window from where we will be analysing what it says about the activity of agents in the recent transfer period, as well as whether it projects an accurate picture of the realities across the broad and contrasting landscape that is the football agent industry.


Show Running Order :

(02:56) – FIFA’s ‘International Transfer Snapshot‘ for the Mid-Year Transfer Window(s) – Sept’23,
(07:48) – Records Continue to Be Broken ALL Across The Football Transfer System,
(12:01) – German Clubs are First to Reach a $1billion Milestone

(13:16) – Interview with with Dr Joachim Rain – The Impact Of the German Injunction on Halting FIFA and the FFAR⁠,
(14:40) – FIFA Media Release on German Exemptions to FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR),
(19:39) – What Are German Agents (& Agents in Germany) Doing in Terms of Compliance?
(22:33) – Implications for German Agents Overseas,
(24:20) – German Football Agent Regulations from 1st October 2023?
(28:01) – Does the “Link to Germany” Potentially Create More Problems for FIFA and FFAR?
(30:47) – Impact of CAS and Others on German Rulings Regarding FFAR,
(34:38) – The Lack of ‘Exclusivity’ for German Football Agents,
(37:40) – Trends and Patterns Noticed in the German Football Agent Space.

(43:30) – Is Information Missing or Omitted from Football Governance Reports- BUT, Are Some Examples Misleading?

(49:33) – Parting Shot from FIFA in Media Release Regarding Agents Fees With No Comparison.

(51:52) – “Football Transfers Biggest Change Since Bosman”?


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