A Hectic & Intriguing Transfer Window for Agents – Is the Football Agent World ‘REALLY’ that Interesting to People? – English Agents Demand More Time from The FA (England)

Season 1 : Episode 9

As the summer transfer windows draw to a close, ‘The Agent’s Angle’ looks back at the window and examines where agents have been both productive, and also possibly left frustrated. This is in addition to the uncertainty and adjustments that not just agents, but also CLUBS have had to make in this window when considering the impact of the new agent regulations.

We also ponder the question as to whether the Football Agents world is ‘REALLY’ that interesting if not fascinating to those on the outside looking in; and we pose the question to our guest, Romaric Etong, who with his network of social media channels and website has engaged with a wide and varied online audience in bringing them a unique insight into the agents world.

Meanwhile, we look at the story of The AFA (Association of Football Agents, in England) demanding more time in the consultation process with The FA (England) with their recent domestic agent regulation proposals.

And also look into some misleading information and quotes from the media and possibly also FIFA when it comes to the new agents regulations, the reasons behind the implementation and the challenges to the new regulations.


Show Running Order :

(01:44) – Views of the Recent Transfer Window(s),
(05:31) – Biggest Transfers (thus far).
(06:57) – Saudi Pro League Comparisson with the ‘Big 5’.

(09:00) – Interview with ‘The Football Agents’ Social Network – Romaric Etong⁠,
(11:19) – Motivations & Objectives for the Network,
(13:43) – ‘One Word’ to Sum up the Agents Industry/World,
(15:10) – Information Sources in a Secretive World,
(16:16) – Agents Love the ‘Spotlight’ (or not),
(18:20) – ‘All About Agents’ Strapline,
(19:46) – Is There a Genuine Interest in Football Agents?
(26:47) – A Wish for the Football Agents Industry.

(32:20) – A Transfer Window of Uncertainty & Adjustment for Agents AND CLUBS.

(36:07) – Misleading Information from the Media & Possibly FIFA on Regulations?

(49:01) – The ‘Door is Open’ on ‘The Agents Angle’ for FIFA and Others.

(50:43) – English Agents (AFA) Demand More Time on National Regulatory ‘Consultation’.


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