‘Suspension’ of FIFA Football Agent Regulations – Is it All That it Seems With Circular 1873 & FFAR? – Will The Agents Exam Be Suspended? – Are Agent Disputes Heading for Litigation & the Courts?

Season 1 : Episode 25

Just when agents and others in the football world thought it was safe to think there was some certainty on FFAR (FIFA Football Agent Regulations) at least for the new transfer window, FIFA delivered a circular that has sent the football agent world into yet more confusion and bewilderment.

Yet whilst FIFA Circular #1873 has prematurely prompted celebration and euphoria for some in the football world, The Agents Angle examines if the announcement of the suspension on aspects of the hotly disputed new football agent regulations is all that it seems, or whether it is understandably causing confusion and differences of opinion.

Whilst the core issue of the cap on agent commissions/fees does seem to be suspended, the announcement on FFAR with its seeming contradictions prompts other questions and confusion.

Also, what is the impact of these changes on agents and the wider football world with many transfer windows around the world now open? – How are National Football (member) Associations to handle this latest twist in the FFAR saga, and the implementation of their own national regulations at such a busy time?

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(01:34) – One FIFA Circular (#1873) Changed the Agent Regulatory Landscape ….. Yet Again! > (02:48) – Overview of FIFA Circular 1873 – ‘FIFA Football Agent Regulations Update on Implementation’. > (05:30) – Impressions of FIFA’s Tone, Content and Explainations in Circular 1873. >(10:26) – Have FIFA Tied Themselves up In Knots? Creating More Chaos for Everyone Around the World. > (14:34) – A Hidden Sign of FIFA’s FFAR Priorities or What FIFA Consider the Priorities of Others? >(15:25) – What Has FIFA Suspended in the FIFA Football Agent Regulations? > (19:40) – Rumours Circulate of Suspension of the Football Agents Exam – Unlikely, Unfair But Possible? >(21:19) – Misguided Euphoria and Celebration is Understandable But This Is ONLY a PARTIAL and TEMPORARY Suspension of FFAR!(22:36) – What Elements of FFAR Remain and are NOT Suspended? >(24:48) – Could Agent Related Disputes be Heading for Courts of Law with FFAR Dispute Resolution Suspended? >(27:25) – Examples of Confusion, Conflicts, Contradictions and Concerns from FIFA Circular 1873. >(29:47) – Wider Impact and Confusion for So Many! – Particularly for Football’s National (Member) Associations. > (33:45) – ‘Deja Vu’ of Bad FIFA Decisions in 2015 and the Impact on Agents Large and Small >(34:54) – NOTICE : New Football Agents License and Regulations in England, Now in Force. > (36:16) – Closing Remarks – Future Episode Trailer – Get in Touch. >(37:09) – Disclaimer >


FIFA – ⁠FIFA Circular 1873 – FIFA Football Agent Regulations: update on implementation⁠ (PDF)

FIFA – ⁠Information update on the preliminary injunction granted by the Landgericht Dortmund in the procedure 8 O 1/23 (Kart)

FIFA – ⁠FIFA Football Agent Regulations : January 2023⁠ (PDF)

FA (England) – ⁠Regulation Guidance : re FIFA Circular #1873⁠ (PDF)

FA (England) – ⁠FA Registered Football Agent Registration

FA (England) – ⁠Regulations & Guidance in Relation to the FA Football Agent Regulations




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