Mexican Football Landscape for Agents – Reports of Racism & Prejudice by a Club Towards a Prominent Football Agent – Are There ‘Too Few’, or ‘Too Many’ Football Agents Around the World?

Season 1 : Episode 27

Mexican football has a huge following with the excitement of Liga MX and Liga MX Femenil, but what is the landscape like for football agents operating in Mexico? ‘The Agents Angle’ is joined by FIFA Licensed Football Agent and Sports Lawyer María García Cornejo Alvarez to share her knowledge and experiences from the Mexican Football World.

There is a look at an unsavoury incident, whereby a prominent name from the football agency world has reported being subject to prejudice and racism by a club, and we look at what repercussions this may bring for the club in question.

Plus, we ask the question – Are There Too Many, or Too Few Football Agents to adequately support the football world around the globe? – with one nation seemingly reporting a 20% increase (150) in domestically licensed football agents in just 12 days!

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(01:45) – New Transfer Window New (Misguided) Approach? > (02:15) – Reports of Racist Behaviour By Club Towards a Football Agent. > (05:38) – International Football Business Has Little Time for Bias, Prejudice & Racism >(09:22) – Are There Too Few, or Too Many Agents? > (14:57) – Overview of Football Agent Landscape Past & Present. >(16:47) – Guest Interview – Football Agency in Mexico (with María García Cornejo Alvarez) > (18:47) – Views On The Football Agent Scene in Mexico, and the Challenges. > (20:23) – The Football Agents World/Industry in One Word. > (22:01) – Memorable Success Story or Experience as a Football Agent. > (25:10) – International Transfers from Mexico for Agents. > (26:43) – Can Europe Expect the Arrival of More Mexican Players? > (29:22) – Impact on Scouting & Recruitment Strategies of Football Agents & Agencies in Mexico. > (30:14) – Mexican Football Agent Response to Growth in Womens Football and Liga MX Femenil. > (31:27) – Standout Names From The Mexican Football Agent Scene. > (33:00) – Overseas Agents Working With Mexican Agents. > (33:55) – One Wish for the Football Agent World – Appreciation & Recognition. >(36:21) – Do Argentinian Players Aspire to Play in Mexico? > (37:21) – Mexican Football Captures American Hearts and Wallets. > (38:15) – Booming Womens Football in Mexico (Liga MX Femenil) Attracts Players from NCAA in America and Globally. > (41:11) – Factors Football Agents Should Be Aware of With Football in Mexico. (44:20) – Disclaimer >


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