Agency Ordered to Pay Player Millions – Questionable Claims by FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Agent Fees – Football Agent Regulations & Licensing in Italy – FIFA Back Down – Digital FIFA Agent IDs.

Season 1 : Episode 36

Whilst one agency/agent is instructed by a court to pay a former player-client almost 5 MILLION euros in ‘compensation‘, statements from Gianni Infantino in recent weeks criticising the outlay by English Premier League Clubs on agent service fees, but are these claims based on a false narrative? The Agents Angle examines the credibility of the FIFA president’s comments, in particular the seemingly unjustified claims that FIFA ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Training Compensation’ payments to clubs developing players, are negatively affected by football agent commissions.

There is a look at Italy with Italian Sports Lawyer Alessandro Mazzucato on the matter of football agent licensing and regulation, where the landscape although similar to France in that national legislation over-rules FIFA regulation, it also has its own variations in football agent regulations and licensing that agents need to be aware of.

Plus a look at FIFA ‘backing down’ in the face of one legal challenge; and also an examination of the new FIFA Digital Agent ID ‘Cards for FIFA Licensed Football Agents, and whether a seemingly well intentioned initiative from FIFA ‘falls short’ and potentially leads to unintended problems for NOT JUST agents, through factors such as data-theft and the manipulation by the likes of ‘fake agents‘.

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(01:11) – Unwanted & Shortsighted FIFA Rhetoric. >
(02:36) – FIFA President Criticises Premier League Agent Outlay. >
(07:19) – The FIFA Fallacy of Agent Commissions Affecting FIFA Solidarity & Training Compensation Mechanisms. >
(13:03) – Again FIFA ‘Bury Their Heads in the Sand’ From Reasoned Commentary on Agent Commissions. >
(13:57) – Added Context to Gianni Infantino’s Other Comments on Agents & FFAR. >
(20:16) – FIFA Seemingly ‘Back Down’ in The Face of Legal Challenge. >
(22:58) – New Anti-‘Money Laundering’ Announcement Relating to Football Agents >

(25:52) – Guest Interview – Alessandro Mazzucato – Update on Football Agent Licensing in Italy. >
(27:01) – Applying & Obtaining a Football Agent Licence in Italy. >
(35:47) – Exclusivity and Mult-Party Agent Representation in Italian Football. >
(37:40) – Advice for the Italian Football Agent Market. >

(43:03) – Agency/Agent Ordered to Pay Former Client-Player Almost 5,000,000 Euros. >
(45:15) – The ‘Law of Agency’ and Fiduciary Duty for Football Agents. >

(50:48) – FIFA Digital ID ‘Cards’ for Agents. >

(56:06) – Quick Takes – TransferRoom, Polish Agent Fees, Football Law/Agent Conference, Agencies in Portugal, Release Clause Variations

(60:02) – Disclaimer. >



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