10,000+ New Football Agents for Next FIFA Exam – An Agent Threatens to Sue One of Spain’s Giant Clubs – ‘Keeping Your Word’ in a Transfer Window.

Season 1 : Episode 7

At a time when football agents operate in a more competitive industry than ever and allegedly find themselves ‘under attack’ from various quarters with regulation and legislation, ‘The Agents Angle’ asks the question of why more than 10,000 applicants have registered for the second sitting of the new FIFA ‘Football Agent’s Exam’, in addition to 1000’s who passed the first exam and many more established agents who qualify under the ‘legacy pathway’?

Could more agents be looking to use the role of a licensed agent as a ‘stepping stone’ to the role of a sporting director within a club rather than the competitive, combative, and often ‘cut-throat‘ world of being a football agent?

What are the ramifications for these licensed agents both new and old under the new FFAR (FIFA Football Agents Regulations) or more importantly what happens if the FFAR fails to be implemented consistently around the footballing world?

In this episode ‘The Agents Angle’ also looks into reports of an agent threatening to sue a super club (in the shape of Barcelona) and where such disputes between agents and clubs may be heard ….. and the effects on the associated player in such disputes.

Also at a time when a lot of people are losing faith in large parts of the not-so’beautiful game’, we look at a case where a player and agent have kept their word to a club in the transfer window when many others would be unlikely to show similar honour and morals.

And with all this in mind, ‘The Agents Angle‘ asks the question as to “what value agents bring to football”, and looks into some research that asks the ‘age-old’ question of : “Do footballers (players) really need agents?”



Show Running Order :

(01:06) – The prospect of 10,000+ new football agents with the 2nd FIFA Football Agents Exam
(07:32) – Professional Pathways from Agent to Sporting Director
(08:37) – The Ramifications of Challenges to FFAR for New Agent Exam Applicants
(12:32) – Football Agent Threatens to Sue ‘Mega-Club‘ (Barcelona)
(18:26) – Legal & Regulatory Aspects for an Agent in Dispute with a Club
(24:06) – ‘Keeping Your Word‘ in a Football Transfer Window
(29:14) – Research into the Value of Agents – Do Players Need Football Agents?


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