The FIFA Women’s World Cup, The First £1m Female Footballer is Imminent and the Impact of Agents in the Rapidly Growing Women’s Game.

Season 1 : Episode 5

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand reaching its crescendo, ‘The Agent’s Angle’ casts a football agent focussed eye in the direction of the women’s game, the platform that the World Cup has given to the profile of the game and how the football agent world relates and affects that sphere of football.

Joining ‘The Agent’s Angle’ as a special guest for this episode is former professional footballer Maria Karlsson de Cecco who is now one of the leading football agents in the women’s game, as well as a member of FIFA’s new Agent Working Group ((F)AWG). Maria answers questions about her life as an agent, how the football agent industry has changed from her time as a player to her role now as an agent, and how she thinks women’s football and the agent’s world as a whole will continue to evolve; as well as some of the challenges it may still have to overcome.

In addition to this we will be looking at the emergence of more female football agents in prominent roles within the football industry, as well as the impact football agents are having on the women’s game during the rapid stage of growth, development, and evolution.

We also pose the question as to when we will see the first £1 million female footballer, as transfer records continue to be broken, as well as other aspects of the transfer window.


Show Running Order :

(01:02) – Increased interest in the FIFA Women’s World Cup from Agents and Scouts

(02:07) – Keeping an Eye on the Transfer Window

(05:15) – The Emergence of Female Agents in Both the Men’s and Women’s Game

(07:42) – Guest Interview : Former Player and Leading Agent in the Women’s Game – Maria Karlsson de Cecco

(11:08) – Experience of Football Agents as a Player

(12:17) – Evolution of Football Agency in the Women’s Game

(15:16) – Becoming a Football Agent and Why

(17:00) – Have Attitudes Changing Towards Being a Female Football Agent?

(19:37) – The Advantage of Learning from the Mistakes of the Men’s Game

(21:12) – Growing Competition Amongst Football Agents in the Women’s Game

(23:34) – The Football Agents Industry in One Word

(24:48) – Agent Regulations and the FIFA Agent Working Group ((F)AWG)

(31:41) – The Growth of the Women’s Game, is it a Surprise?

(32:55) – One Wish for the Future of the Football Agent’s Industry

(34:52) – Impacts on the Women’s Game in the Agent Industry

(36:39) – The ‘Carney Report‘ & The Women’s Game

(37:42) – ‘Lip-Service‘ to the Women’s Game & the Agent Industry?

(39:32) – Transfers in the Womens Game and the First Million Pound Player


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