Agent Exam Deadlines & Worldwide Agent Pass Rates – The Impact of Agent Regulations in South America – Maradona and What it would be like to be the Agent for ‘The Emperor of Japan’

Season 1 : Episode 4

The deadline has passed and the pressure is on for those who have just applied for the second sitting of the FIFA football agents exam in September 2023, the last exam before the new agent regulations are ‘scheduled’ to come fully into force. But how did candidates fair in the first sitting back in April 2023 – were pass rates as reported in some media outlets, or were some of the figures misleading? From Argentina to Zambia, England to Japan, were pass rates reflected evenly around the world, or were candidates in some territories markedly more successful than counterparts elsewhere?

As promised, we bring you the second and concluding part of our interview with the founder of one of the most successful independent English football agencies of its time, when Colin Gordon shares his thoughts on the impact that FFAR will have on the practicalities of being an agent, the role of PFA, FIFPRO, and other stakeholders, the most rewarding transfer he worked on as an agent and his wish for the future of the agent world.

And finally, the subject that never goes away also makes ANOTHER return to ‘The Agents Angle’……….. the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) and not only an independent and professional legal appraisal on the ruling, but a view on the impact that FFAR will have in South America and particularly Argentina, with Buenos Aires based attorney Guido José Jamer.


Show Running Order :

(01:41) – Football Agent Pass Rates from the April 2023 Exam

(07:57) – Part 2 of Our Guest Interview: Colin Gordon

(08:24) – Impact of FFAR on the Practicalities on Being an Agent

(10:55) – Involvement of Lawyers in the Agents Industry

(13:02) – The Role of Player Associations, Manager Associations and Others in the Agency World

(16:30) – Future Projects

(18:47) – One Wish for the Football Agent Industry

(19:35) – The Most Challenging & Most Rewarding Deals as an Agent – Hidetoshi Nakata

(23:03) – Independent Appraisal of CAS Ruling on FFAR and the Arguments Presented by PROFAA

(25:27) – Appraisal of CAS Ruling and PROFAA Argument

(39:55) – Clarification & General Questions on CAS Ruling

(41:12) – Impact of FFAR on South America and in Particular Argentina


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